Turn Down For What? Just Put Down Your F*cking Phone

The influx of technology in our society will only keep growing, and with it, so will my concerns for not only our generation, but for everyone.

When the first cell phone appeared in 1973 things changed forever. Motorola introduced this gadget that would revolutionize communication. We went from bulky-phones with antennas to tiny-sleek gadgets that fit in our pockets. Our ability to stay and keep in touch has certainly come along way. When we say that we have “progressed” this may not necessarily be a good thing.

Yes, our phones are trendy, fast, and can do what was once thought impossible. However, our experiences and memories are certainly NOT progressing in a positive way. Do not confuse this idea of progression. I have watched both myself and everyone around me pass up real life experiences to observe a “life” in a virtual reality.

While you’re busy swiping right on Tinder, deciding on an Instagram filter, or Snapchatting your food, you’re missing out on everything that actually exists. Nothing that you use your phone for is living; it’s all just one big way to BROWSE.

We are missing out on laughing, getting to know someone new or falling in love because we just HAVE TO BROWSE. You just have to refresh that app, or answer this email, or text back real fast. PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 8.08.03 PM

This is a reality check; a wake up call, if you will. We are all falling victim to a reality that does not exist and simultaneously having less human experiences.

Liking someone’s photograph is not interacting and it will not make you best friends; talking to people, getting to know them, and learning new things will form friendships.

Getting the most followers does not mean you’re popular; the idea of you is. Unless you’re walking around with a full on entourage of 1.1 million people, you’re not actually popular.

Look around you at any time and at any point in the day; all you will see is people with their phone’s glued to their hands and their eyes glued to their screens. When did we swap our souls for screens, and will we ever actually acknowledge that this is what has happened?

Whether you’re believing it or not, it has happened. This is most likely you, and you’re only letting yourself miss out. I can’t tell you the amount of times I ask someone a question multiple times, to receive NO response because they’re answering a text.

Your phone has the ability to be “paused.” You can hit stop on virtual reality, but real life? Not so much.

Every click, swipe, like, and push you do in the middle of real-time interactions is bringing you one step closer to being a robot and one step further from being a human. I’ve seen enough sci-fi movies to know I have no desire to be a robot nor watch the entire human race become an army of mechanical monsters.

Put down your fucking phone.

Stupidity & Snow: Winter Makes The Worst Driver Even Worse

Most people are already really terrible drivers, and the snow only proceeds to multiply their already poor motor vehicle skills. If you’ve ever been to or driven in a city, you know it’s not a good time. If you’ve ever driven in Boston, Massachusetts you would know that driving during the winter is like a version of the hunger games on wheels. No one is safe.

After getting over my initial fear of parallel parking here, I was pretty confident about driving, but seriously how many people parallel parked after their driver’s test? Certainly not me.

I am not exaggerating when I say that practically every time I take my car out to go to work, I avoid an accident. The best part about this is, it’s usually not my fault but the other person gets mad at ME. Haha, okay that makes sense.

It’s pretty evident when you almost cause someone to have a head on collision, so don’t think that you getting all huffy and puffy even makes me forget for a second that you’re a certified moron. People here seem to think that the rules of the road simply don’t apply to them. I’m not sure if they have truly convinced themselves of this or if they got some special document in the mail.

Either way, people here can’t drive for crap. Apparently the following is all okay to do:

Not Use A Blinker – Because why would I need to know what way you’re trying to turn? That’s so silly of me. What ridiculously high expectations of me to have. I don’t need to know if you want to merge in front of me, you should just do it. There’s a very, very low chance that you’ll get your car hit. Sorry about that!!

Not Stopping At Stop Signs – I was such a young, naive fool! It makes a great deal of sense that you would just shoot right through the intersection. Trains? Hahah, there haven’t ever been any train accidents because of cars ever. Pedestrians? They’re mind readers! They’ll know you’re running the sign, no biggie!

Running Red Lights – Red lights don’t apply to city drivers; they’re too cool for those bad boys. In fact, red lights are really unfair to you, I totally get that. Why should you have to stop for other cars, that’s insane. It’s ludicrous that we would want to direct traffic.

Getting Pissed At Traffic – Okay, this one isn’t so much a legal issue, but still interesting. You are backed up for miles, but I think beeping your horn over and over and over again will really get things moving! 45 minutes of traffic? Nothing a little horn beeping won’t fix. People have so much room to move, how ridiculous.

Aside from this, I have fallen victim to being blamed for the weather. Yes, that’s right. Other drivers actually seem to believe that I have made precipitation occur. When you’re driving down a street that now looks like half of a one-way, it’s slightly difficult for two cars to pass. So if you see someone coming, wait your turn.

However, other people believe they don’t do the whole waiting turns thing and instead, just come barreling through the road. Then they act so bewildered that they cannot pass. It’s actually my fault though, I made this weather happen just for kicks.

The other driver will proceed to flip me off, and scream. I’ve found it best to just laugh while making direct eye contact, until they accept defeat and reverse. By the way, if I could make it snow two feet, I sure as hell would not be getting a Bachelor’s and driving around with the likes of you peasants.

Drive safe everyone!