Thinking Out Loud: Stop Offering Me Your Post-Grad Advice

You’re all thinking it, so I’ll just say it: Can everyone stop asking all of us what we’re doing with our lives next year? To say it’s annoying is a very large understatement. When I’m not listening to everyone in my classes trigger their own panic attacks, I’m listening to older people try to give me one.

First of all, you are going to get a job. Sure, maybe it’s not going to be your DREAM JOB but you’re going to get one. Secondly, freaking out is solving and doing nothing (like, literally). I’m not sure why other people are so concerned with my life choices, because up until this point I think I’ve done pretty well for myself.

If you’re not my parents, can you please stop telling me what I “SHOULD” be doing? Did you write a manual or guide for this sort of thing? Did you create a “Job Searching For Dummies,” book? My guess is NO. So please refrain from offering me your anxiety and advice.

I’m not sure what it is about hearing this phrase, “This is my _________ and she/he is graduating this year,” but this statement really triggers people’s protective instincts along with a side of cynicism. Here are all the phrases people who barely know me have offered:

1. You should apply to everything and anything. You don’t get to be picky.
Yeah, I should definitely apply to things that don’t interest me, I’m not qualified for and wouldn’t be a good fit for. This makes sense to me, that is helpful.

2. You’re going to have a really hard time…
These people are clearly the psychics of the world. They’re giving out free readings!!

3. You’re traveling after? Shouldn’t you be joining the real world?
I’m sorry, does getting on an airplane to travel to another country constitute as leaving this planet and entering a different dimension? My bad, I guess I need more than a passport now.

4. Oh….are you sure you want to do that?
Uh…am I sure I want to be happy and pursue a dream? Yup, 100% positive but thanks for your kind words of discouragement. You rock, man!

5. You haven’t started applying yet? Not a good move.
OH, sorry! Did you have some unspoken, invisible deadline I was supposed to meet even though we met five minutes ago?

6. That doesn’t pay very well….
Right, because happiness = money. I always forget, lol!

I just don’t understand why people who are not my parents or close loved ones, care so much about what I’m doing? I got this far didn’t I? You certainly did not pay for my college education or overall existence; was there some hidden investment that went down or some ulterior motives you had in mind for me? I get that people might be trying to offer advice but come on, you don’t have to be discouraging about it.

Maybe we don’t get to be the pickiest when it comes to jobs but we at least get to have a say. We know we want to be passionate, interested and excited about something before getting involved and I think that’s completely fair. The only stranger who’s allowed to offer me their life advice is Ed Sheeran because he literally can’t stop thinking out loud. So if you’re not him, bye!

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